How to Place an Order

You can place your order any time and day during the week using any of these options:

When you first navigate to the website, you will be at the homepage:

1. Finding Products

There are several options to find a product that you want. If you want to just browse our selection of categories, click the “Shop” item in the red navigation bar. You will be brought to a page that lists all our available categories. Additionally, on the homepage displayed above, you can hover over the items under the Product Categories sidebar (on the left) to show the products under each category. You can also go directly to a product category page by clicking on its name in the Product Categories sidebar.

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2. Adding Products to Your Cart

Each product page displays the product’s name, images of the product, and notable features. The page also includes a table in the Description with the specifications for each model. The blue model names in the leftmost column indicate that there is a PDF datasheet that you can expand by clicking on the name. Once you are done reviewing the models and find one that meets the specifications that you are searching for, click the “Add to Quote” button to add the item to your cart.

3. Changing the Items in Your Cart

In the cart page, you can change the quantity of each item you order, remove items, or you can return to the store to review specifications and add more items. To change the quantity of an item, simply click in the appropriate box in the right column and either type in the number you would like to order, or use the arrow keys to increase and decrease the amount. Make sure to select “Update Cart” before moving on or the new amount will not be saved. To remove an item, select the red “X” in the left column.

4. Filling out the order form

When you click the “Proceed to submit your RFQ” button, you will be redirected to a form to fill out with your shipping information. Please fill it out accurately, so we can determine the timeframe and shipping required. Additionally, you can enter order specifications in the “Order notes” field, which may include model names, special ranges, or even requests for custom designs.