About Us

Electromagnetic Technologies Industries, Inc. (ET Industries) is an engineering firm specializing in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art  RF components, subsystems and systems. With the broadest frequency range in the industry (10 MHz to 67 GHz) coupled with low VSWR, high directivity and moderate insertion loss, ET Industries’ products are among the best in the industry and ET Industries is considered one of the leading engineering firms in its field.

Over its 25-year operating history, ETI has utilized its engineering skills to provide custom solutions and products to the U.S. Military and NASA and the world’s leading military contractors (e.g. L3Harris, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, BAE, Cobham) as well as the Indian Space Agency and MITRE Corporation, to name a few.

ET Industries was created with the sole purpose of assisting customers to investigate and solve problems that are advanced technologically and may require critical schedules for completion. ET Industries therefore welcomes such programs. The company provides application-specific custom designs to meet special requirements of its customers.

At ET Industries, continuous research for new theories and models, as well as uninterrupted development of new theoretical and experimental techniques and packaging philosophies, have ensured that ET Industries is always at the forefront of science and technology, as evidenced by the numerous reports in national and international scientific journals & publications.

To date, ET Industries has been involved in a number of defense and communication programs and has developed components for an enormous variety of applications and requirements.

ETI has custom designed and manufactured high-power components capable of handling over 700 watts of power at simulated altitudes in excess of 70,000 ft; hybrid monopulse comparator beamforming networks; and multibeam true time delay phased arrays producing 0.0° offset in both the azimuth and elevation across the frequency band.

Along with designing and qualifying its high-power jamming antennas and direction-finding antenna systems for tactical supersonic aircrafts, ETI is now endeavoring into the commercial space with its Multibeam Antenna Systems with beamforming and beamshaping technology to enhance wireless connectivity in 5G and future wireless networks.