Unwired Ltd. has deployed the ET Industries’ 5.8 GHz Smart Multibeam Antenna System at the Sutro Tower in San Francisco, California.

“Noise floors on the 15 degree channels are much lower than we saw when using 90 degree channels.” “We are achieving 256QAM connections in an environment we would not have thought that possible in.” “Extreme density with 8 sectors installed in 120 degree pattern”
~Peter Kranz, Founder/CEO

The Problem
Many factors contribute to the limitations of wireless systems of which the most important arguably are frequency bandwidth and frequency efficiency. Though efficiency may be increased by higher modulation rates, more sensitive receivers, and more accurate bit error detection/correction methods, wireless telecommunications systems are built around the frequency bandwidth limitations that are set by governing authorities.  Consequently, once bandwidth is used up in an area, no other system utilizing the same frequency bands can coexist and hence data speeds are limited.

The Solution
ET Industries’ antenna systems solve these problems by increasing the available bandwidth for an area. To achieve this, our systems have been designed to produce up to 96 sectors around the base station by spatially optimizing frequency usage.  By using interference rejection technology, site interference between sectors is kept to a minimum.  The ability to reuse frequency bands in the same area facilitates a substantial increase in the throughput.

Wireless Antenna System Specifications

ET Industries DuoPol 3.5 GHz
ET Industries DuoPol 5.6 GHz

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