• Please read our latest publication on HFE March 2019:
    Please read our latest publication on HFE March 2019:

    “Multi-Beam Antennas: Increased Capacity, Enhanced Spectral Efficiency” Please click the button below.  ETI Multi-Beam Antennas

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  • North Jersey IEEE MTT/AP Societies 37th Annual Symposium and Mini-Show

    The North Jersey IEEE MTT/AP Societies 37th Annual Symposium and Mini-Show on Wednesday, October 4 at the Hanover Manor in East Hanover, NJ.The conference presented a series of 10 lectures describing the state-of-the-art in Engineering EW Systems, AI/ML, Satellite Links, Signal Processing, Quantum RF, Medical RF, Micromachined Circuits, 5G GPS, High data rate wireless, and […]

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  • Clever Dumb Antenna: Passive Multibeam Antenna for Broadband Wireless Communication

    A passive multi-beam antenna systems with beamforming technology that can be used to increase quality of service, network capacity, and spectrum to meet the current and future demand of data usage and network capacity is presented. The system presented can produce as many as 32 narrow high-gain beams in a 120° sector with beam crossing set to be between 3 to 10 dB. Each beam provides a capacity and throughput multiplication over a traditional cell site. Frequencies can be reused in a sector resulting in a spectrum multiplication of as many as 32 times. With the use of multiplexers several channels can be combined and transmitted in each beam providing multiband/ multichannel transmission with a single antenna system to further increase user capacity and throughput.

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  • Antennas Online: Dual Polarized Antenna Array on a Very Thick Substrate

    Microstrip antennas are widely used in the wireless industry due to their high gain and low profile. Dual polarized antennas can obtain higher data rates, and a more stable link between customer and provider in telecommunications. Conventional dual polarized antennas consist of two independent elements positioned orthogonal to one another, increasing cost, size, and weight. In this paper, we will discuss the design of a dual polarized antenna array which uses dual polarized single element radiators on a very thick substrate material of various εr using probe feeding technique. An ETI patent pending feed line design is introduced to increase cross polarization rejection while scanning, further increasing the reliability of wireless communication.

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  • ET Industries introduces 6-Way Power Dividers

    ET Industries is proud to announce new power dividers operating in the frequency range of 10 GHz to 40 GHz  and 18.0 to 40 GHz with a 6-way power splitting / combining in a compact package.  

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  • 5G Antenna Systems conference: Spectrum Genesis Hyperbeam Antennas
    Oct. 13, 2021 | A Digital Conference Experience
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